The prune passion flower – Passiflora

The Passion Flower – Passiflora – is a genus with over 500 types of blooming plants coming from family members Passifloraceae. The most preferred species of Passiflora is The Blue Enthusiasm Blossom – Passiflora caerulea – also called Common Enthusiasm Blossom. The Interest Flower a creeping plant local of South America, Asia and Australia, and a popular house blooming plant, full of good powers as a result of its unique spiritual signs. Passiflora brings peace in your home too.


Passiflora’s flower is incredibly popular, known around the globe as The Interest Blossom. We intend to mention that its name does not originate from the interest of love, however describes The Enthusiasm of Christ on the cross, so named as a result of its special physical frameworks that suggest the signs of Crucifixion. In the same spirit, Passiflora is known as Espina de Cristo Christ’s Thorn in Spain.


Its stem has basic ramifications with tendrils and also environment-friendly glace lobed fallen leaves. The perfumed flower is intricate and additionally unique with a lovely growing. The sepals and Passiebloem snoeien are similar in appearance, because of them interfering. They are prevailed over by a corona of blue or violet filaments. The Blue passion blossom’s fruit is an oblong yellow-orange berry, containing a number of seeds.


Passiflora is a plant with a speedy growing because spring till fall and it normally grows in summer and also fall as well, but in exotic climates it will certainly flower all the time.

Passiflora growing:

Throughout summer, we advise you to preserve the soil constantly wet and likewise to sprinkle its leaves also when in a day if there is much less moisture than the plant wants. Add some fertilizer once in two weeks. The Passion Flower requires modest heat in between 15 and also 20 levels centigrade and luminous locations, also enjoys the direct sunlight. In wintertime, you need to lower the watering and get rid of the Passiflora in a luminescent and much less cozy area 10-15 degrees, for a light resting. The suitable soil is a potting mix of leaves soil, manure, garden soil and also sand. In spring you need to trim The Enthusiasm Blossom for an extra exuberant ramification and also a much better blooming, cutting its side sprigs at 5-6 centimeters. It is the right time to make use of a wooden owner for maintaining the plant regular growing.