How to improve your child’s confidence in netball

Netball is that great game that your child may well encounter at school. There may not be a lot of information around, however, to help your child to improve their skills, and it may be a long time since you’ve played it! So here’s how we can help. We’ve put together some tips for you to help your child improve their game.


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What to wear

The sports kit is all important as it can help to raise their game a notch.

• Trainers – make sure the sole is strong and supports their feet well. You need a netball specific shoe as others may not support their feet and ankles appropriately.
• Socks – they may need to double up to ensure comfort and to prevent blisters.


What specific fitness areas should your child focus on?

Whatever the game position, core training can only benefit your child. It will help to improve strength, coordination and balance. Players also need to be quick and fleet of foot as they will be required to turn fast and jump from all directions, so practising speed work will be essential. We suggest they try sprinting or interval training. For some tips try a netball drill training video.


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Get them to practise throwing and catching a ball with friends so that this becomes second nature. Try it from different distances and speeds. You can mark spots on the wall for them to aim at if working by themselves.

It’s a great idea to research the various positions in the game and if they are able to discuss it with their coach they should try each of them to see which one they are best at and also practise the tactical parts of the game with their coach. You can pick up lots of interesting information at


Obviously it’s best for them to be able to watch live games if they can, to improve their knowledge but online resources, such as a netball drill training video, can be found at netball drill training video . These can really help.

Above all we suggest they enjoy the game and have fun! You can encourage them to practise and improve all you like but unless they find some enjoyment in the game it’s not likely to make that much of a difference. We hope this helps.