The best music for running. How do you choose running songs?

Music for running is an indispensable element of training for many runners. Music motivates, music drives, music positively tunes. Why do we run better with headphones? Which music will work best during jogging?

Music for running – why does it matter?

Music for running is considered by many to be an inseparable element of jogging. Sounds of your favorite song during training, because they add strength to the exercises, make training more pleasant, improve the mood, and set the pace of training. Many professional athletes claim that music is one of the better motivators, and it is of great importance among runners. Long kilometers turn into meters, and muscle fatigue goes into the background.

How loud music can harm your hearing

Each song is characterized by its BPM index or Beats Per Minute. Music, in which there are more beats per minute, prompts the runner to speed up the pace. Of course, too fast tempo of music can exhaust the body’s strength prematurely. But music for running based on our musical taste and training options will significantly affect efficiency and satisfaction with training.

Music for running – jogging in the rhythm of a rock

The music for running is best selected according to our preferences. If you’re a music blog  fan, do not decide to pop. And if you like music in the rhythm of disco, then you better not decide on heavy heavy metal. Rock music for running has many pluses. Energetic songs in the rhythm of rock with strong beats of drums or bass guitars will definitely have a strong effect on your motivation and pace of running. But avoid rock ballads, because their slow melody will slow down your pace as well. Among the popular songs that should be uploaded to your running playlist, you can mention:

Music for running – rap and R’n’B

R’n’b is rhythmic music, which is a combination of soul, pop and hip hop. Rap music and r’n’b have ideal BPM for running, so you can easily catch a harmonious rhythm while running. Among rap and R’n’B songs during running, among others:

Music for running – pop

Pop music works well in many workouts, both during running and during gym exercises. The list of pop songs that you can often hear from the speakers in fitness clubs is very long. Also, internet radio stations offer special pop music stations for runners or people training other sports. Among the energetic pop songs that will add energy during training, you can mention: